ENCLAVE CURATORIAL was born from the necessity of taking advantage of the presence of the artists during the artistic residency. Enclave Curatorial is curated by Miguel Mallol. He will dialogue, interact, discuss with the selected artists to go in depth, through specific research, the concept of the artistic residency.
The residency will become, for Enclave Curatorial, a period for research and discussion. They will build an exhibition concept and new artworks from some of the selected artists of the current and past Enclave Land Art residencies. The goal of Enclave Curatorial is to create an exhibition project after Enclave Land Art Residency. 
Enclave Land Art residency is focused mainly on production. Enclave Curatorial wants to contribute with research and dialogue to consolidate and develop the studies started in the artistic residency. 

Enclave curatorial aims to propose a project as a second step of the residency, to give the selected artists a chance to develop further their research. 
ENCLAVE CURATORIAL tends to reinterpret the ephemerality of the land art movement. They also embrace other creative expressions which could be part of this dialogue human being-nature, origins of Land Art. Performance, audio-visual works, digital art, or mapping could be some examples. 
The idea is to build a system of thoughts and a contemporary dialogue from the identity of the landscape, its agents, history, and nature. 


Under the umbrella of Enclave Curatorial, there are several interventions and collaborations related to Land Art and Enclave Education in which Enclave Land Art has worked in the past and aims to keep the engagement. 
Enclave Curatorial will launch an open call for proposals and selection of artists or invite artists to create site-specific installations, always following a collaboration established with other initiatives, institutions, or entities nationally and internationally.