ENCLAVE EDUCATION organizes workshops about contemporary art along the two weeks of the residency attended by the artists. The participants can come from the different schools of the area, other associations, cultural initiatives or interested people.
ENCLAVE EDUCATION aims to build bridges to decentralize and revitalize the territory in which it happens. To reach that goal, it works in a knowledge network. It is crucial to create these kinds of experiences with projects as Enclave, and involve the society in a transversal way to bring down cultural barriers.

ENCLAVE wants to work with schools, universities, and cultural associations beyond the residency period. We are developing a program of activities to involve them and reinforce the cultural offer of the territory.
ENCLAVE aims to be part of the local cultural heritage with land art routes, guided tours, and workshops. In addition, we want to go further with a program that contains initiatives related to history, culture, and ecology.

Exprimento Limon/ Making Art Happen

Creating synergies and collaborations is part of Enclave Land Art's DNA. Enclave Education works by hatching a network with local and external partners.
Exprimento Limon/making art happen is an initiative based in Madrid since 2007 and in London since 2013. It links art and education with workshops, activities, and summer camps where artists and students from different levels and ages can interact, create, discuss and have fun while learning about art. The goal is to increase their sensitivity and knowledge.

In 2018 thanks to one of the founders, Vanesa Cejudo, Enclave Land Art's artists had the chance of sharing their time, projects, work, and games with a group of kids. It was a fruitful collaboration.
In the 2021st edition, Vanesa Cejudo and her team will bring students from UNIR university to interact with the artists during the artistic residency.