This artistic reflection and research is completed through other disciplines such are CINEMA, EDUCATION, and CURATION among additional external collaborations. Enclave Land art is a project which is based on a constant presence in the area combined with its internationality.


Enclave Land Art is a production and research artistic residency linked to the dialogue between human beings and the natural context where it is being developed. The starting point is the heroic Land Art towards a new interpretation of this dialogue through any kind of creative discipline linked with contemporary art.


Enclave Cinema is a cinematographic platform of reflexion in which one festival is invited every edition to take part. The seminar is structured through gazes (inner, territorial, own). Directors, actors, actresses and the public will discuss the concept of the short films and the link with the artistic residency’s concept.


Enclave Education is a part of the project Enclave linked to formation and participation. Through this section, we want to approach contemporary art to all the layers of society. We try to reach that goal through workshops with the artists and a direct engagement in the process of production of the residency's projects.


Enclave Curatorial is an exhibition project developed through an extended period of conceptual reflection and production from the residency. There is a selection of artists from the residents of Enclave Land Art residency who will follow the parameters of the project proposed to return to a white cube.
Amb la col.laboració de / Con la colaboración de
Enclave es un proyecto co-organizado y co-producido por el Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana dentro del programa cultura resident
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